IELTS Model Essay Band 8.0 Topic Technology

Technology là một topic khá phổ biến trong các bài IELTS Writing task 2, sau đây là bài viết của thầy  Andy Robertson – chuyên gia IELTS tại KTDC cho bài model essay band 8.0 topic techonology. Các bạn cùng theo dõi nhé!

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Question: In the modern world, mobile and smartphone use has become universal in most parts of the world. Although there are clearly many advantages of this technology, there are many who believe it also brings many disadvantages. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

Model Essay band 8.0 topic Technology

Over the last two decades almost everyone in the world has bought or used a mobile phone. With this technological development many people feel that there are a lot of advantages but others feel that there may be some disadvantages.Starting with the advantages, it is clear that using mobile phones makes life a lot more convenient. For example, it is possible to contact friends, colleagues and family in just a few seconds at any time of the day or from any location. Also, mobile phones can be used to access a wide variety of data applications such as Camille and social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. This is a benefit because people are able to interact on line at all times. Finally mobile phones give security and peace of mind to parents who are able to contact their children easily.

On the other hand many people believe that there are some clear disadvantages. Firstly, mobiles can make people anti-social as they spend more time looking at their phone than at each other. Moreover, many people can become addicted to using smartphone apps, and this can have an effect on their mental and physical health such as their eyesight. It can also affect young people whose studies or work maybe affected by over use of their phones.

In conclusion, although there are several negatives to using mobile phones, I believe that overall there are more benefits to be had from using these devices. As long as people remember to talk to each other face-to-face and parents control their children’s access to smartphone use, I believe there is no serious problem.

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