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The availability of unhealthy food, such as fast food and junk food, has become more widespread in recent years. What are some of the problems associated with this development and what action can be taken to solve them?

Model Essay band 8.0 topic Health

In the past two decades, there has been a significant change in eating habits with a shift to more unhealthy convenience foods that can be consumed on the go.  Although this has resulted in some negative consequences, it is possible to mitigate them if governments and citizens take action together.

The increase in the consumption of fast food has led to serious health effects in today’s society.  The first problem is that many people no longer have time to prepare and sit down to healthily cooked meals, so instead turn to fast food, which has led to soaring obesity rates. In addition, it is cited that unhealthy foods are substantially cheaper and are therefore consumed in greater volume by the working classes as opposed to more expensive fresh foods such as fish, fruit and vegetables.  A third issue is that the unhealthy chemicals and preservatives in processed foods have been directly attributed to causing fatal health issues such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

There are several measures that governments could take to lessen the impact of the aforementioned problems.  Regarding the time constraints of society, laws to restrict employee working hours and the enforcement of longer lunch breaks could encourage people to change their eating habits. To address cost issues, governments could implement higher taxation levies on unhealthy foods and use the revenues generated to subsidize fresh foods for working class families.  Governments should also directly address the production methods of mass processed foods with the manufacturers and implement tougher restrictions on the use of harmful preservatives.

In conclusion, a range of measures can be taken to combat the health issues related to consuming unhealthy food.  If such actions are not implemented, it is likely that these problems will become more prevalent and lead to a greater number of unnecessary deaths.

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