IELTS Model Essay Band 8.0 Topic Tourism

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Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not by local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?


Millions of people visit Big Ben and the houses of parliament in London every year but surprisingly most of these visitors come from outside the UK. In fact, many famous monuments and attractions seem to appeal mainly to visitors rather than to locals. In my view this is because of a lack of knowledge about attractions by locals. Also, people often lack the free time and motivation needed to fully explore and know their home region compared to travelling overseas. To tackle this phenomenon, history in schools should include local knowledge and locations as well as national or international knowledge. In addition, the government should encourage domestic tourism and give incentives for people to travel more domestically.

To begin with, many schools and colleges do not emphasise the importance of regional culture to students, so they are often unaware of historical places and events in their own towns. For example, many Vietnamese people can describe famous sights in South Korea but can often not describe these locations in their own country. To address this, the education system should emphasise local knowledge and history by encouraging students to visit local attractions as well as learning about places overseas.

A second key issue is free time. Many people have limited vacation time and will often choose to travel internationally rather than stay locally when they have a few days off. The government could boost domestic tourism by promoting local events and locations, providing financial incentives to tourist attractions and by making sure that tourist authorities cater to local as well as visiting tourists.

In conclusion, the best way for tourism to develop is by making sure local sights and events are well-known and promoted both to a national and international market as well as to local consumers. If this is done properly, then tourism and the economy as a whole will thrive.

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Andy Robertson


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