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  • 27/06/2022

Trong bài viết Cách giám khảo IELTS chấm bài Writing task 2 tuần trước chúng ta đã được mục sở thị cách giám khảo IELTS chấm bài Writing Task 2 dạng hai câu hỏi, chủ đề Environment. Câu hỏi đặt ra là “Làm cách nào để cải thiện band điểm IELTS Writing” đúng không nào? Trong video ngày hôm nay, hãy tiếp tục theo dõi giám khảo chấm thi IELTS hướng dẫn cách cải thiện những lỗi sai phổ biến trong bài IELTS Writing Task 2 cũng như bí quyết cải tiến bài viết để đạt band điểm lý tưởng hơn nhé!

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Environmental damage is the problem of most countries. What factors damage the environment and who should take responsibility?


Nowadays, it is obvious that ecological degradation has become a serious problem in the world. Literally, everyone living on this Earth should be responsible for dealing with this global issue by primarily being aware of what causes it. In my point of view, there are three factors damaging the environment, which includes population explosion, deforestation and unplanned land-use policies.

Firstly, rapid increase in the population impacts negatively on the environment. The more people are born, the more resources they need. If the demands of consumption dramatically climb, the natural resources will be over-exploited and run out. For example, India is a big country with over 1.5 billions people. Because of the pressure from such a populous social context, fresh water is never enough for Indians to drink.

Secondly, deforestation also plays a serious role in the scenario of environmental damage. Naturally, trees are compared to the Earth’s lungs ensuring quality of the air, the stability of temperature or the health of soil. However, when the trees are over-exploited for illegal purposes, soil erosion, climate change or even air pollution will happen.

Finally, it cannot be denied that the governments must acknowledge their less effective land-use policies. Increasingly, land models are applied everywhere to properly plan and use land resources. Nevertheless, land management policies have failed while trying to take advantage of land models, which leads to land pollution.

Because environmental damage is a global issue, nothing can be changed without the contribution of each one. By reducing our personal consumption, putting our hands to plantation projects and using lands wiser and wiser, we could effectively tackle this problem.

In conclusion, population explosion, deforestation and unplanned land-use policies are factors damaging the environment day by day. Consequently, everyone among us must be mindful to take responsibility for this global issue.