The Importain of proof IELTS reading

  • 20/11/2017

When your examiner picks up your essay paper for IELTS writing she/he is basically looking for three main things:

  • CONTENT- Did you answer the question and provide enough details, examples and evidence?
  • ORGANISATION- Is the essay logically structured, properly formatted and well connected?
  • LANGUAGE- is the use of vocabulary and grammar appropriate and effective?

Many students overlook the importance of scoring highly in all three grading areas and forget to follow a proper action plan for PROOFREADING in the final three minutes of Writing 1 and four minutes in Writing 2. Those three to four minutes of careful checking, removing spelling/grammar mistakes and looking at punctuation/capitalization can boost the LANGUAGE grade significantly. In fact, thorough proofreading for both Writing 1 and 2 can lift the overall writing band score by at least one full level, sometimes more.

A good proofreader aims for the top five most common grammar mistakes first, namely:

  1. Plural versus single nouns,
  2. Articles,
  3. Verb/subject agreement for he/she/it,
  4. Verb tense and
  5. Capitalization.

These top five mistakes account for more than 90% of all language errors made by students on the IELTS writing test. If you can eliminate these top five ‘pesky’ language flubs then you will definitely increase your overall score.

So, PROOFREADING is an essential part of report and essay writing. Make sure you build time into your exam to proofread correctly. At KTDC, we will show you several excellent proofreading methods that will launch your band score into the next level.

Good luck out there!!!!

Mr. Andy Robertson

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