IELTS Level 2

  • Intake score: 5.5 - 6.0
  • Expected score: 6.5+
  • Class length: 1.5 hours/class
  • Course length: 51 hours (12 weeks)
  • Tuition: 14.878.000 VND


The course provides a comprehensive range of advanced knowledge of vocabulary, structure, analysis, and test organization to achieve the IELTS band score 6.5+. The course focuses more on the two skills of Speaking and Writing than Listening and Reading, giving students many opportunities to practice and be instructed by native trainers.

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Students practice all 3 parts of the Speaking test each class to learn how to execute a speaking test in the right IELTS format. The trainers will help these students to identify all types of questions and how to build the answers to get the maximum score in the Speaking test, including extending answers with details to provide relevant examples and support.
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This course will focus on all types of Writing reports and essays, KTDC's trainers will teach students to use Academic vocabulary to make their writing much stronger and help them build their vocabulary for each topic. IELTS Level 2 will include 6 exercises for Task 1 and 4 for Task 2. KTDC IELTS experts will provide detailed feedback.
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All of the questions in Listening and Reading are practiced according to the same length and difficulty topics as the real test.
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Providing advanced and necessary grammar points to improve Writing and Speaking points to reach at least or above 6.5.
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Developing students' vocabulary with a lot of common topics throughout all 32 lessons. This course will include common vocabulary which is useful for Speaking practice. Students will see some higher level academic vocabulary and science and history terms in Level 2.
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Based on the form of a real IELTS test, students receive an overview of all 4 skills after the course ends and are able to measure their strengths and weaknesses. This is the student’s second full IELTS practice exam if they attended Level 1: featuring 40 minutes and 40 questions for Listening (4 sections). 60 minutes and 40 questions for Reading (4 passages). Full Speaking Test (3 parts, 15 minutes). Full Writing Exam (one Task 1 report, one Task 2 essay, 60 minutes).


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