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    100% Native English IELTS Experts

    Our teaching team comprises leading IELTS experts in Ho Chi Minh City with extensive teaching experience. More than 70% of our instructors are former examiners trained by the British Council in professional IELTS assessment.

    Personalized Learning Journey

    Experience personalized instruction from IELTS experts, including detailed Speaking and Writing feedback, analysis of your weaknesses, and tips for effective improvement. Our unique Tutoring option provides one-on-one instruction to focus on strengthening your weaker skills quickly.

    Comprehensive Online Learning Platform

    Designed exclusively for KTDC students, our online platform offers a range of features, including access to lecture materials, assignment submission, detailed written feedback from instructors, and simulated IELTS practice tests.

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    KTDC believes that with each journey taken, students have their own inspiring stories.

    Student reviews about KTDC

    400+ positive reviews from our students

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    Nguyen Le Gia Tue

    Studying KTDC is a great experience to me. I can interact with a lot of people by using English. Besides, The Great Debate helps me a lot to improve my speaking skill. My teacher is Andy, he inspired me a lot, gave me some tips and strategies about IELTS test. My speaking and writing skills are enhanced a lot. I had a chance to meet a lot of people who good at English teach me a lot of tips in the IELTS. My coach is very enthusiastic, she always encourages me, gives me a lot of tips to learn IELTS, talks to me when I’m tired and boring. At KTDC, everything are amazing to me and I love there so much

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    Thư Nguyễn

    I really recommend KTDC Center, a very nice and friendly place. The coach is very professional and skillful. The assistant is very cute and nice, she also very pretty. The facilities is in high quality and i really enjoy it. No words can describe my feeling while studying at KTDC IELTS, i can see my skill starting to improve. Hope that KTDC will remain the same quality in the future!!!!

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    Hồng Dy

    KTDC is such an amazing english center!!! It has only been 2 months but I've improved my English skill a lot. Especially my teacher, he is of this world. I love his energy and the way he teaches us. And my coach, she is amazing too, she is very friendly, like she is always ready to help when we get in trouble. Learning in KTDC gives me many more chances to speak English than I used to have, we speak English all the time to each other. My deskmate is also a nice person and he has the same energy as me too, so we can easily talk and study with each other. Overall, it is very lucky for me to have a chance to study and practice English in KTDC.

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    Huỳnh Minh Bảo

    I highly recommend you guys to study at the IELTS KTDC training center. You will have a 100% chance to practice English with 100% native teachers who are also British's ex-examiners, who are ready to provide you with valuable insight into what examiners focus on. You will also have many opportunities to improve your skills with excellent and well-trained tutors with personalized classes according to your level. I believe the structured environment and dedicated feedback from experienced educators at KTDC provided clear benefits for improving my English skills and test-taking approach. With all the help, I believe I can achieve my desired band score 😍 and more beyond IELTS.

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    Đặng Minh Khang

    One of the things I noticed immediately when I first started learning here (Level 2 class, hosted by Mr. Paul Davison) was that he, as well as our "personal coaches" - teacher assistants - were extremely friendly; they made me feel comfortable and it was always a pleasure to train different aspects of an IELTS examination with them. Additionally, the course material, equipment and overall was really engaging. Last but not least, everyone was equally treated, and supportive of each other. Currently moving on to a Writing/Speaking Advanced class, highly recommended.

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    Anh Hai

    KTDC is Amazingg!! Why? Well, I heard about this centre through my mom's co-worker. She said that she had finished the Ielts course here 3 years ago and it was completely the best English centre she had ever been to. She scored 8.0 which was highly above her target. And now I have studied here. In my experience of just 1 month studying at KTDC, the environment here was pretty good. During the class, we practise speaking English a lot with different partners who are arranged by the teachers every lesson. And by that, I don't just improve my reading and listening skill through a bunch of Ielts sources that KTDC gives to me through the website, but I also incredibly gain my communication skill and throw away the shyness when communicating with strangers😁. Thanks to KTDC a lot and I hope in the future I will probably achieve my goal at 7.5!!! (or above 😃).