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STEP 2 Consultation most optimal learning route

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There is no science in this day


100% native English speaking trainers who are highly qualified in education and have many years of teaching experience.

  • Courses and books are designed in-house by all of our trainers, and updated and supplemented regularly to reflect changes to the IELTS exam.
  • We test your English level before placing you in the right course, which will help you study more effectively and lead to a better result.
  • Our interactive teaching methods aim to help form proactive study habits for students not only in class but also in other aspects of their life.


Thanks to Mike’s high standard, I was a lot more confident when I attended the real IELTS exam. My key to achieve this IELTS score is always following Mike’s advice. He said: “A beautiful and steady house needs a strong foundation”, so I stayed focus on firmly grasping the basic knowledge and not trying to use too advanced grammar or complex vocabulary.
We love how KTDC organizes the lesson to imply the self - study method and gives guideline to us. In our opinion, these methods are better for students because we have to be active rather than only focusing on doing test samples. To us, the most impressive thing about Andy is his passion and devotion. He gave us many tips and methods to get a higher score in the shortest time.
I think I’m very lucky to study with Mr Aaron. Even though having an English foundation really soon, all my IELTS skills especially my Speaking had never been over band 6. After a time studied with him and practised Speaking one on one, he told many stories about his life and experience in Montana, which is really inspiring to me.
During the course, the thing I liked best was how Mr Andrew fixed my Speaking and Writing mistakes for us in detail. He took notes about the smallest mistake in our Writing essays all the time. Eventually, my scores increased obviously. Regards Speaking, Andrew followed and checked closely with every student so the Speaking score and our ability to review ourselves improved rapidly.

There is no science in this day