• Intake score: 4.5
  • Expected score: 5.0+
  • Class length: 1.5 hours/class
  • Course length: 36 hours (8 weeks)
  • Tuition: 9.889.000 VND


The Pre-IELTS course is a continuation of the IELTS Foundation course, providing further foundational knowledge for the IELTS exam with higher-level classmates. It is designed specifically for those who are not confident using English in the academic environment and the course will help students improve their reflection, confidence, vocabulary, and accurate pronunciation.

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The course focuses on Parts 1 & 2, with a strong focus on Part 2 Speaking. Students become more comfortable generating ideas and describing things at length. Instructions on strategies to do exercises, answering structure, organizing ideas, using vocabulary. Moreover, students will be introduced to the basics of Part 3 during class.
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The course introduces Task 1, Task 2 and basic strategies. Practice writing Task 1 for forms including pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs. Task 2 includes the basics of essay writing including agree/disagree opinion writing as well as problem/solution and advantage/disadvantage.
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Students will practice with different types of questions types and formats. Listening and Reading: gap fills, multiple-choice, classification, labeling a diagram, and will be provided with effective strategies for productive and receptive skills.
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The course includes a system of basic grammar points for the IELTS test: verb tenses, cardinal numbers, conditional sentences, clauses, and providing important grammar instructions from Cambridge University.
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Trainers provide and guide the use of vocabulary used for common topics in the IELTS test. The Pre-IELTS course is topic-based and includes 8 chapters: Relationships, Places & Buildings, Education & Employment, Food & Drink, Consumerism, Leisure Time, Fame & the Media, and The Natural World.
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The test consists of 4 skills to help students evaluate their performance after finishing the course. Students will take either a Part 1 or Part 2 speaking test with their teacher. The Pre-IELTS writing test includes one four-paragraph problem/solution essay.


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Other levels

IELTS Foundation

Designed for those who are not confident using English

36 hours (8 weeks) 9.488.000 VND

IELTS Level 1

Providing equal concentration on the development of all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 13.987.000 VND

IELTS Level 2

Providing a comprehensive range of advanced knowledge of IELTS

51 hours (12 weeks) 14.878.000 VND

IELTS Level 3

The highest advanced level at KTDC for all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 15.459.000 VND

Speaking & Writing Intermediate

focuses on developing 2 skills through knowledge and practice time

39 hours (14 weeks) 10.979.000 VND

Speaking & Writing Advanced

Focuses on the two skills advanced with alot of practice time

39 hours (14 weeks) 11.990.000 VND

IELTS Mock Test

Helps students to justify their IELTS skills before taking the real IELTS exam

90 minutes 1.450.000 VND

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