IELTS Foundation

  • Intake score: 3.5 - 4.0
  • Expected score: 4.5+
  • Class length: 1.5 hours/class
  • Course length: 36 hours (8 weeks)
  • Tuition: 6,850,000 VND


The IELTS Foundation course is designed for those who are not confident using English, whether academic or daily conversation. The curriculum is based on Cambridge Mindset for IELTS and the Oxford Tactics for Beginning Listening. This course is meant to help students feel comfortable and confident with a focus on topic-based vocabulary building and extra listening and speaking practice.

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The course focuses on Part 1: answering structure, organizing ideas, using vocabulary; a brief summary of Speaking Part 2. Providing integrated skills to help with the development of language and ideas to build confidence with the productive skills.
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The course introduces Writing Task 1, practicing simple sentences and note-taking in the studying process. Through the Writing report homework, students have a chance to practice simple comparative structure and describe information. Remedial help and revision of student writing through peer workshop and teacher feedback.
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The course helps students get acquainted with different types of questions on the Listening and Reading IELTS tasks such as gap fills, multiple choice, classification, labeling a diagram, and several basic tips and strategies.
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English grammar is systematic for the IELTS test. Providing important grammar instruction via Cambridge University based on chapter topics. Students will also practice through homework such as verb tenses, cardinal numbers, conditional sentences, clauses, and more.
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Including 10 different vocabulary-based topics: Daily Life, House & Home, Hobbies & Entertainment, Travel & Holidays, Food, Transport, Jobs, Work & Study, Health & Medicine, Language, and Science & Technology.
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The test consists of 4 skills to help students evaluate their performance after finishing the course. IELTS Foundation Final Writing Test includes writing a formal letter. Students will attend a Part 1 Speaking test with their teacher. Students who attend and complete this course will be promoted to Pre-IELTS.


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Other levels


Providing further foundational knowledge for the IELTS exam

36 hours (8 weeks) 7,250,000 VND

IELTS Level 1

Providing equal concentration on the development of all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 9,950,000 VND

IELTS Level 2

Providing a comprehensive range of advanced knowledge of IELTS

51 hours (12 weeks) 10,350,000 VND

IELTS Level 3

The highest advanced level at KTDC for all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 10,750.000 VND

Speaking & Writing Intermediate

focuses on developing 2 skills through knowledge and practice time

39 hours (14 weeks) 7,480,000 VND

Speaking & Writing Advanced

Focuses on the two skills advanced with alot of practice time

39 hours (14 weeks) 7,680,000 VND

IELTS Mock Test

Helps students to justify their IELTS skills before taking the real IELTS exam

90 minutes 500.000 VND

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