‘Less is more’ in IELTS writing

  • 18/04/2018

The famous British chef Gordon Ramsay is well known for saying ‘less is more’. That it is better to prepare a few ingredients in a dish perfectly than try to prepare too many ingredients badly. I agree strongly with Chef Ramsay and think it can also applied to IELTS writing.

I have been lucky enough to teach all IELTS ability levels at KTDC and my experience has revealed an interesting conclusion. Namely, that lower level students often perform better than expected because they are not trying too hard to overcomplicate or ‘overfill’ their writing with lots of unnecessary elements. Higher level students can often underperform because of long, overly complicated and unnecessary words and content.

For the IELTS writing test, KTDC has prepared everything you need to ace the exam based on the feedback of current and former IELTS examiners who have worked for KTDC Group as instructors. We know that simple is best. Clear sentences, clear organisation and no unnecessary extra words are far more likely to give you a high band score than writing long winding sentences filled with ‘dictionary’ words (words taken directly from a dictionary, not from real articles or authentic English sources).

If you can keep your reports and essays simple, logically organized and remove all unnecessary ingredients then it can only benefit you. We see many examples of students throwing 50 elements into an essay without a clear structure who are then surprised when they receive a fairly low band score.

Come to KTDC and we will show you how to write a CLEAR, SIMPLE, WELL-ORGANISED and RELEVANT essay or report without all the unnecessary extra ingredients and complications. As Gordon Ramsay says: ‘less is more’ and this is superb advice indeed. Bon appetit!!!!

IELTS Trainer

Mr. Andy Robertson

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