IELTS model essay band 8.0 topic family

  • 20/01/2018


In recent years, the family structure has changed, as well as family roles. What types of changes are occurring? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

Model essay band 8.0 topic family

It is clear the picture of what a family looks like has transformed over the past few decades and families are now generally more fragmented. Some would say that couples parting ways is understandable as they are just not meant to be together, however others feel this could adversely affect a strong family bond.

Indeed, we should not only consider one country when looking at the family dynamic. In some cases a couple may not have a choice as to exactly how many children they wish to have. For example, in times of overpopulation in China, the government has stipulated that parents must only produce one child. Furthermore, in western society, many social issues possibly stemming from inadequate education, poverty and drug and/or alcohol abuse, have resulted in the breakdown of the family unit. Therefore, today, single parents must fend for themselves to look after loved ones, without the moral or financial support from a partner who may have no involvement or simply does not care.

The question arises as to whether a different outlook for families poses threats or benefits. It is likely that Chinese people feel aggrieved when they cannot plan their family just how they want it. Nevertheless, from their government’s standpoint it is clear that balancing the economy is a chief concern to ensure there is not an undersupply of jobs. Also, while single parents may find looking after their children a challenge, it could be argued that it will make them stronger and more independent. Consequently, these traits might brush off on their offspring.

In summary, it is clear that broken families are likely due to various (mostly) uncontrollable governmental and social factors. That said, I personally believe that a weakened family unit could lead to wider issues to the detriment of society.

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