Yesterday, I accidentally clicked on a link to KTDC Group’s website. Then old memories came back into my mind.

I still remember the time when I took 3 days a week coming to KTDC Group on Mai Thi Luu street for my English class, IELTS level 2. It lasted for nearly three months from May to August, 2012, long enough to make me love this group.

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On the first day of class, knowing the structure of an IELTS test, I thought my life was over, wondered why it was too hard. However, thanks to Andrew’s teaching method, my English improved little by little. He never shouted, he always remained calm and he was very helpful. A student could ask any question any time.He was not very strict, but through his words, I learned that I should act responsibly. I always came to class on time and did all the homework. Most of my classmates did, too. Seriously though, I really enjoyed this class, his lectures were great and he kept thingsinteresting. He was very charismatic, and was generally pretty good at conveying his knowledge.I liked the way he arranged our seats. It helped us to practice speaking with a new partner every day. That was so interesting!Furthermore, he helped us brainstorm ideas for our essays. Class discussions were fantastic!

I rarely missed his class because I enjoyed it so much. I can remember the day of reading practice test, it rained heavily and looked so dangerous but I kept calm, put on my raincoat and drove more than 30 mins to KTDC. One of the craziest things I had never done before (^_^). I was wet from head to toe when I arrived but I didn’t mind and continued to do the test. He also treated students like friends, understood them and solved their problems in the best possible and easiest way. For instance, on speaking practice test day, when he saw me being nervous, he encouraged me so that I did well on the test. His course was a highlight of my studies and has changed my worldview. Truly an amazing teacher!

I took the IELTS test in December, 2012 at the British Council and got the score I need, 6.0 overall. Thanks to all teachers and staff at KTDC Group! I wish your group every success in the future.

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