Dear KTDC Family,

Time flies! Until now it has been over two months since the IELTS FOR BREAKFAST course started. I have had valuable time and experiences over the period of time I studied here. High-profile and enthusiatic staff and mordern facilities are all I can say about KTDC Group.

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To the best of my recollection, Mr. Ken did test my listening and speaking skills and Miss. Chi was the one who provided me with detailed and helpful guidances about IELTS courses. I was classified into IELTS FOR BREAKFAST of Mr. Andrew. I was really excited and curious how the IELTS trainer would teach. If my first impression of Mr. Ken is that he is a polite man and a qualified teacher who deserves to be honoured ; that of Mr. Andrew is definitely different. He is not only a qualified teacher but a humorous and kind one as well. He has transmitted me necessary theories as well as skills for the upcoming IELTS test. He gave me convincing and detailed explanations for questions we address. Especially, his feedbacks for my reports and essays are direct and helpful. I also receive IELTS writing samples for both report and essays which seriously help me a lot to improve our vocabulary and academic expressions. Via this course, my speaking skill has changed so much. I know how to use fluency makers or signals and how to answer fluently in speaking test, Additionally, my listening and reading is improved too. Andrew told me some useful techniques in order to finish all parts in reading and listening test well. Besides the lessons, he also talks and shares us with popular problems in the life and even our plans for vacations or holidays. Futhermore, whenever I gave him extra writings, he was eager to help to correct if he had time. One of the benefits that KTDC Group brings for each student is that students can use the seft-study rooms with free and available wifi and reference books during the opeing time of centre.

The last days are coming fast. I never regret that I have attend this course – IELTS FOR BREAKFAST and choose this IELTS centre – KTDC Group. It’s so great that KTDC gave me valuable chances to make more friends who are at various levels and from different regions. This course helps me to feel more confident to take the IELTS test in this coming summer. This course aslo helps me to improve and develop personal skills such as teamwork and public speaking. I am able to gain wide knowledge and experiences from others. In particular, I can interact with closely with native speakers, which creates plenty of opportunity for me to practice english skills and motivate me to work harder. That’s a wonderful experience! I will remember the valuable moment and experiences that I gain when I study here.

All in all, I will feel free to recommend KTDC Group as a good environment to people who would like to improve IELTS skills, as well as want to pick up new english teaching methods.



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