For me, English has been a very boring subject. I have started to learn English when I was 8 years old. However, what I have learned was nothing but boring grammar lessons. I did not find excitement in learning English for a long time. So I have usually felt sleepy in class.

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By the time I have realized the importance of English when I was 19 years old,and I want to start from the beginning, but I did not want to study English at my school because I was afraid that I have to study about grammar again. Actually, I did not know where to study English until I found KTDC Group. After testing I was classified as IELTS 1 for my bad pronunciation. I still remember Ms.Kim informed me that my teacher was Mr. Andrew, but that day he was not there, so I was curious about who my teacher was. For me, the teacher is as important as the lesson content.

Mr. Andrew is the first teacher who did not make me feel sleepy when learning English. Friendly, funny, understanding, caring, enthusiastic, experienced in teaching is what I can say about him. He listened and fixed each syllable carefully in pronunciation for each person in my class. He showed me how to answer effectively in speaking parts. Furthermore, on the first day of the week, he often asked about our weekend.

That is the thing I rarely find in the teachers who were teaching me before. His class was where I feel really comfortable. I did not miss any lesson during the course with him. For me a successful teacher is not a good teacher but the teacher who knows how to make student interesting and passionate in class. Andrew did it very well.

It has been a long time since I joined his class. However, I still remember him and want to say thank you so much. I love the way he taught me and I’m happy to have him as my teacher.

Phương Anh ( nnphuonganh.47@gmail.com)


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