Model Essay Band 8.0 Topic Public Park

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Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

(Mặc dù rất nhiều người đánh giá rất cao giá trị của các công viên nhưng khoảng không gian này tốt hơn nên dùng cho những việc hữu ích hơn như xây dựng khu dân cư cho khu đông dân hoặc phát triển kinh doanh, tăng trưởng kinh tế.  Theo bạn, hướng phát triển này có phù hơp nay không?)

Model Essay Band 8.0 Topic Public Park

While many people recognize the importance of having access to public parks, others argue that this space could better serve communities by developing housing or businesses there. Although it is undeniable that such properties would create jobs and boost the local economy, I would argue that the green space in cities serves an equally important purpose in local people’s lives and that neighborhood parks can be maintained while also being used to generate revenue for cities.

First of all, access to green space is essential for human happiness, and this is especially important in crowded cities. Parks offer people an escape from crowds and traffic which is beneficial to individuals’ health as well as to the well-being of a community. One could argue that having a collectively healthier and happier society would increase productivity in all facets of commerce and even reduce some types of crime.

In addition to providing a place for people to relax, local parks can be used to generate revenue in several ways. Cities can use their parks to sponsor events such as art fairs and music festivals and allow local shops and restaurants to sell their goods during the events. This would directly benefit local businesses as well as bring the community together. City governments could also establish community gardens in their parks and rent individual plots to local residents. A project such as this would benefit the city economically while providing a community garden to source a farmers’ market in the park.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the argument that city parks would be better used as housing or commercial zones. My belief is that parks play an important role in human happiness and can also be used to boost local economies while creating a sense of community.

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