IELTS Writing Task 2: Model Essay Topic Noise and Air Pollution

Enviroment là chủ đề nóng bỏng thường được đề cập trong phần IELTS Writing Task 2 dưới nhiều góc độ. Trong đó, Topic Pollution là một chủ đề khá phổ biến. Chính vì vậy hôm nay KTDC IELTS sẽ giới thiệu model essay topic Noise and Air Pollution để các bạn cung tham khảo nhé!

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These days, noise and air pollution are serious environmental problems. Some people think that air travel is to blame, while others believe that we should reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. Discuss both of these views and give your opinion.

Model Essay Topic Noise and Air Pollution:

The present day has witnessed massive expansions of the global population and the transportation industry, which have been detrimental to the environment. While certain groups may feel that the sheer volume of automobiles is the primary culprit, others maintain that airplanes create more harmful environmental consequences.

Those who see the aviation industry as the foulest source of transportation borne pollutants have several arguments in their favor. Firstly, since air travel became more affordable in recent decades, the number of flights around the globe has increased to over 100,000 per day. In fact, according to one report, since 1990 CO2 emissions from aviation have increased 83%. Furthermore, flying is by far the most greenhouse-gas-intensive transportation mode. For example, one environmental scientist claimed that a transatlantic flight can create as large a carbon footprint as a typical year’s worth of automobile driving. Additionally, airplane engines are extremely loud, and people who live close to airports are exposed to constant engine noises that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, hearing loss and stress, according to studies.

On the other hand, those who hold the view that the high volume of autos on the road is responsible make valid points as well. A recently published study indicated that in 2015, 74% of all transport emissions were from road transport. This has resulted in a number of health related issues, including respiratory and cardiovascular problems, as well as exacerbating pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Likewise, noise pollution like loud, abrupt sounds, such as horns honking, can harm the eardrum, while sustained sounds at lower volume like vehicular engines can damage the middle ear, with both causing permanent hearing loss.

In conclusion, while both transport types have harmful effects on human health, as far as I am concerned, noise and air pollution caused by cars is a far greater problem because people use them more and spend more time in traffic, and therefore, they pose the greater health risk.


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