Tips Viết Bài Luận IELTS Phần 2 Dạng Bài Đưa Ra Ý Kiến

Many students are targeting a 6.5 or 7 band score in IELTS, so it is important to look at the public band descriptors in order to understand what criteria must be satisfied to achieve such a score.

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If we take a look at Task Response in the IELTS Task 2 Public Band Descriptors:


We can see that it says “Presents a clear position throughout the response.” To be on the safe side, the candidate should attempt to make their opinion clear not only in the introduction and conclusion, but also in the body paragraphs. How can this be done, you ask? Well, one way is to use some fairly common sentence structures for a purpose known as concession. Concession when used in an essay is a statement which acknowledges or mentions an opposing viewpoint so that the writer can contrast it with their own opinion. For example:

Although there are dangers associated with using computer technology, such as identity theft and computer viruses, its benefits are much too valuable to reconsider the important role it has in everyday life.”  

The writer has mentioned that there are indeed some dangers which exist, BUT they feel that these dangers are not great enough to change the way it is used.

Another reason these structures are useful because they make if fairly easy to make the candidate’s opinion clear without using a personal pronoun, as in “I think/believe…”  However, it is acceptable to use some personal pronouns in your essay – just don’t use too many or you risk not having academic style.

Other structures that can be used in this way are:

While + independent clause (opposing view), independent clause (candidate’s view)

Though + independent clause (opposing view), independent clause (candidate’s view)

Independent clause (opposing view), but + independent clause (candidate’s view).

Best of luck to all!

IELTS Tip from Aaron Hedrick – KTDC IELTS Trainer


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