IELTS 4-skill courses

The system of IELTS courses is classified by level from low to high to help students improve all 4 skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing according to the standard format of the IELTS

IELTS Foundation

Designed for those who are not confident using English

36 hours (8 weeks) 9.488.000 VND


Providing further foundational knowledge for the IELTS exam

36 hours (8 weeks) 9.889.000 VND

IELTS Level 1

Providing equal concentration on the development of all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 13.987.000 VND

IELTS Level 2

Providing a comprehensive range of advanced knowledge of IELTS

51 hours (12 weeks) 14.878.000 VND

IELTS Level 3

The highest advanced level at KTDC for all 4 skills

51 hours (12 weeks) 15.459.000 VND

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