Cảm nhận của bạn Huỳnh Ngọc Nhật Vy lớp IELTS level 2

After finishing the general period in the university, I had more time to focus on studying English. Because of my low-foundation of English, so I chose carefully what center was suitable for me. I consulted many information in the English forums and received the advices from my friends, who occupied good results for the Ielts exam. That’s the reason why I was full of optimism that I could learn useful knowledge for the Ielts exam with my dreamy goal when I registered the course in KDTC.

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Honestly, I am a shy person which might lead to have conservations rarely with the teacher, although I usually have some problem in studying English. I started my Ielts class in level 2 after having a period of time to familiarize the studying environment in the level 1. At the second lesson, I decided to represent my desirable Ielts grade and suggest the help from Mr.Andrew. He proposed that I should practice listening and reading regularly at home, and he would correct my extra writing essays or reports. Actually, some initial writings had many mistakes, yet he gave feedbacks for even small errors and equipped with techniques for improving my skills. Futhermore, he explained clearly and patiently whenever I was misunderstood things in our lessons. He also, provided essential information about Ielts examination. Moreover, he talked interestingly with students about everything at the beginning of lessons, which might lead to establish the closed relationships and help us with advanced speaking skill.

Finally, besides generating suitable conditions for students to studying effectively, he also support in his ability for other sectors. Especially, I receive useful advisements for my target and set up a comprehensive look for my plan. Occasionally, he joke that I am the first student who write the highest number of extra writings. Sincerely, I would like to express my gratitude for his assistance and kindness

Huỳnh Ngọc Nhật Vy ( huynhngocnhatvy@gmail.com)


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