Thư cảm ơn của bạn Mai Thị Thúy Diễm IELTS 7.5 đến thầy Mike

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  • 25/07/2019

Cảm ơn những chia sẻ rất là chân thành trong bức thư dễ thương của bạn Mai Thị Thúy Diễm dành cho thầy Mike nhé!

I wanna say thank you to my teacher, Mike, and classmates in KTDC, by valuable and motivating lessons about English and life as well, having inspired me a lot to keep continuously step-by-step practice.

In the very first lesson, I was told that “we don’t study English, we speak English”. Then, after the 2-month course at KTDC, I would say that my pronunciation skill has been significantly improved in my course. Essentially, my attitude about how English is pronounced has changed. Ending consonants can be an example where I absorbed many helpful tips from my class. Besides, scrattered structures and vocabulary bank that had been accumulated before at other language center was again built and then developed thoroughly in a more organising flow in KTDC’s curriculum.

Thank you so much for your instruction and encouragement.

Thank you and best regards,

Mai Thi Thuy Diem