Cảm nhận của bạn Bùi Thùy Giang lớp IETLS level 2

I first knew about KTDC via a friend of mine who had just finished her courses there. She told me with extreme excitement that KTDC was such a good English center that after spending time learning there, she had improved a lot. At that time I was searching for a place to study IELTS so when I heard those words, it hit me right away that this might be that place. I hesitated a bit though when it comes to decision because as far as I know, there were lots of famous English centers such as VUS, ILA or YOLA.

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From the very first day I came to KTDC to the end of my course, I was deeply impressed by modern and well-prepared facilities, enthusiasm and hospitality of all the staff, and most of all, the skillfulness, dedication and great sense of humor of the teachers. Thanks to KTDC, I had a chance to meet and study with Mr. Andrew Menon who I can proudly say was a whole-hearted teacher and a wonderful friend.

I was scared at first because of the way he looked, and I thought he might be a strict and difficult teacher. But after studying with him for a few weeks, it hit me that we people can’t really judge a book by its cover. He turned out to be such a kind teacher that helped me a lot in my learning progress. During the time I studied at KTDC, he taught me how to pronounce properly, and thanks to him, my pronunciation had been improved rapidly. I also had lots of memorable moments with him because he was the only teacher in that center that knows Vietnamese. There were times when he try to pronounce some Vietnamese words; it was so funny that I laughed out loud. There were also times when I talked behind his back in Vietnamese, and when he heard it, he glared at me. It was fun though because he understood what I said. I really love the way he used games to learn new words or patiently corrected us and kept us from pronouncing words wrongly. Thanks to him, my time at KTDC had been filled up with lots of fun and joyfulness; those memories were so meaningful that when he left to go on your vacation while the course was still on, I was very sad.

So, with all my heart, I want to say thank you to KTDC for providing me such great environment to learn English, and to you, Andrew, for awaking my joy in studying. It was a great journey with you all. I hope KTDC will achieve lots of success and become a must-known destination for English learners.

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