Cảm nhân của Vũ Minh Đức (du học sinh) sau khi học tại KTDC

Dear Andy,

Today i am writing this mail to share my feeling about IELTS class in where you used to be my enthusiastic and funny teacher at KTDC. First of all, i want to say thank you for teaching me over the 2 months fighting with IELTS.

For me, even though my favorite subject is English but i still felt nervous and bored about IELTS because of its difficulty. In addition, my Australian university has required me that i have to have IElTS certificate with band 6 to apply and this put me under pressure actually.

However, first time i came to your class as well as KTDC, that feeling went out of my mind in some way. You created funny English atmosphere for us to practice 😀 (i mean no Vietnamese in anywhere, shoot the breeze by English every time in every topic ). Furthermore, in class you seem to be our friend not teacher because you usually shared your daily life, your own experience and knowledge such as Korean and Thailand culture, delicious and original dishes in HCM and Nintendo’s games (Mario :)), obviously, we still studied hard. Not only you already gave me precious lessons to achieve IELTS. Also, you taught me how i use English in daily situations, not just only studying English.

Moreover, beyond the class, you are always willing to help your students whenever we have troubles with homework or our own work (of course about English :D) and i really appreciate that.

Finally, i already had interesting business game shows and movies from you to improve my listening skill as well as valuable lessons so that i would be a billionaire in future.

All in all, i reached my aim 😀

Best wishes to you Andy as well as KTDC .

Minh Duc



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