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My name is Trinh Thi Bich Thuy. I joined Mr Ken’s Intensive IELTS class just one month before my IELTS exam in December 2013. The reason why I had to find an English course for the exam is that I needed to gain above 7.0 for each IELTS band score to further my study in Australia. I was quite unsure about my Speaking skill actually, so I did make some research about a number of reputable English centers in Ho chi minh city. However I was soon disappointed to find they could not meet my expectations in learning and teaching design, and most of all, the high tuition fees for quality courses (i.e., those with licensed native teachers).

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Fortunately I happened to know about KTDC group, a new but very active and quality English center. All the academic staff are accredited native speakers who have proven to understand about IELTS inside out. The syllabus was also very helpful and to the point. I was lucky to have studied with Mr. Ken, the center founder, who is dedicated, courteous, and really experienced in IELTS preparation. I was able to master the test format in a very short time with extremely helpful advice to gain high scores in all four skills, especially Writing and Speaking.

After the class, I became much more fluent and confident with my Speaking skill. In a nutshell, I highly refer KTDC as one of the best English centers in Ho chi minh city, with qualified native teachers who have insights into IELTS and are capable of helping students gaining the scores they want, in the shortest time and with the most competitive tuition fees.

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