People will not obtain any satisfactory result, unless they attempt their best – this is one important thing which my teacher, Mike DuVall, taught us in his IELTS Level 2 class at KTDC group. At first, some of my classmates were worried or unhappy because Mike we had not heard of Mr. Mike or his reputation. Yet, I was not. I have been happy from the first day. Before taking part in this class, I was very bad in my writing skill.

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Mike was the first successful teacher to help in improving my essays. I thought that Mike was  very strict since he always asked us to write and rewrite our reports and essays, but now I can see the improvement in my writing. Mike gives specific comments on our writing and if students need his help, he always arranges time for them whether in class, after class or on holidays. Moreover, he provided us the basic information of the IELTS and skills necessary to keep going with it.

Mike encourages his students to reach their goals with his knowledge and enthusiasm. It is helpful to take the IELTS Level 1 and 2 with Mike before continuing with Mr. Ken at Level 3. Next weekend, I take my first IELTS exam. Despite my nervousness in the past, now I am ready for the test day. I am grateful to my great teachers (Mr. Mike and Mr. Ken) due to all the knowledge I got from their classes.

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