Dear KTDC,

I first knew about KTDC thanks to a friend of mine, Đức. She told me that this place was a very good place to study IELTS because the teachers in KTDC always cared about their students. I was skeptical, but I could see that KTDC had made her feel interested in English and that really surprised me because I knew that she never liked studying English. And then she took me to KTDC to have the placement test, on that day, I met Ms. Kim who is very kind and lovely, she answered all of my questions happily and always ended with a smile . That was the first impression about KTDC – a very friendly center.

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When taking the placement test with Mr. Ken Taft, I was a little nervous but talking to him made me feel very comfortable and all of his questions showed that he really cares about his students. Also, I knew that Mr. Taft bought candy canes from America for every single student last Christmas – Thanks Ken . After having done the placement test, he put me in IELTS level 3 and I thought that it was a good chance to choose a class which he would teach. However, there was only a class left which Mr. Mike DuVall would teach, I was like “How unfortunate”.

On last September, KTDC held a small seminar talking about the IELTS exam, it was the day I first knew who Mr. DuVall was. On that day, he talked about the Speaking test, he seemed to be a teacher with a very good sense of humor and I could see that through all the Speaking methods he shared with us, he appeared to be a really smart guy. A month later, I started to study IELTS officially with him, the first day was fine, he showed us the rules in class, I could see that he was a pretty strict teacher. But studying with Mike for a few classes really changed my mind, Mike is very happy and friendly and enthusiastic to all students.

Firstly, what made him a special teacher were his teaching methods; this was the first time I studied IELTS and I felt so happy because I could study with Mike. He built me a very solid foundation about IELTS, especially speaking and writing skills. His pronunciation is so perfect that every word he pronounced made me realize that English is a very beautiful language; I can say that I have improved my speaking significantly thanks to listening carefully to him. Who said that IELTS level 3 in KTDC does not teach pronunciation? Furthermore, he also taught me methods to answer questions effectively and how to prepare topics to be able to answer all kinds of questions they would ask in the IELTS exam.

Secondly, I cannot forget to mention his writing method, he instructed how to organize a good report and essay and I can be sure that if using every methods he said well I can deal with any kinds of reports and essays. In addition, Mike graded all of the students’ reports and essays carefully so that we can eliminate our common mistakes. Moreover, he often repeats all the mistakes the students can make to remind us to be more careful. Indeed, what I really like about him is the way he encourages the students to work as hard as they can to achieve their goals and he said if they could get good band scores, that would also mean he had achieved his goals so I know that he had to work very hard to give us good knowledge. His support really helped me to be interesting in English and stay focused on studying so that I often spend time studying IELTS at home. There was one time that I asked Mike if he could grade some extra reports for me and, surprisingly, in the next class, he gave me some reports to do, graded them and even gave the models for those reports.

To me, Mike is a very good and dedicated teacher that I had pleasure to study with. I want to say thanks to him and KTDC through this testimonial and I want Mike to know that I am really grateful for everything he did and with all the IELTS methods Mike taught me, I can be sure that from now on I do not have to study with any teacher, I can study IELTS by myself using his methods and still feel confident to take the actual test. Once again, thank you KTDC and Mr. Mike DuVall, I had great 12 weeks studying with you.

P.s Thảo got 6.5 IELST in the IELTS exam –  Jan 2013 and wrote this meaningful letter to her teacher Mike. We are very grateful for having such lovely students like her and Đuc.


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