Sở Hùng hiện tại là một trong những học viên có thành tích IELTS xuất sắc nhất của KTDC, Sở Hùng dự thi IELTS với thành tích Overall  8.5 và điểm thành phần 8.5 cho 3 kỹ năng Listening, Reading, Writing. riêng kỹ năng Speaking là 8.0. Hiện tại Sở Hùng đang là nghiên cứu sinh chương trình tiến sĩ tại Australia. Cảm ơn Hùng đã chọn KTDC là nơi rèn luyện cho kỳ thi IELTS của bạn

Dưới đây là thư hùng gửi cho Thầy Daniel Spero- giáo viên phụ trách lớp Hùng đã theo học.

Daniel Spero was one of the most extraordinary English teachers I have ever had. Not only does he always keep the classroom full of laughs, but he also motivates us to push our limits. His lessons are intriguing and concise. When stumbling upon new words, Daniel conveys his ideas by making examples in everyday life context instead of giving formal definitions, which are painfully hard to conceptualise. Of the many valuable IELTS tips Daniel delivered, I found the lists of 100 Common Positive and Negatives Adjectives to Describe People particularly useful. Theseadjectives enable me to form more precise descriptions of people I love and hate, not to mention they make the conversation sound more natural to native speakers.

During the short period studying with Daniel, my speaking skill has vastly improved, and I was able to achieve 8.5 in that category, which was beyond my expectation. In regards to writing, his strategies for the four types of IELTS essay questions have taken away a lot of guess works and leave me more time to plan my arguments. To me, this approach is more practical than trying to memorise sample answers, which limits one to express his or her own thoughts genuinely. Although I did not achieve my writing goal when I was with KTDC, those valuable tips never ceased to be helpful. I coupled the lesson learned with more practice and finally attained 8.5 for writing. Had I not had Daniel’s encouragement and support, I would not have been able to reach this achievement in such short time. The accomplishment of IELTS leave me free to pursue other goals and interests in my life, and I believe the principle applies to all IELTS takers. For those who are still pondering where to prepare IELTS, I can personally attest to the efficacy of Daniel Spero’s technique in delivering unprecedented results. Once again, many thanks to Daniel.



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