“My name is Ha. Now I’m the fourth year student in NEU. Last year i participated in IELTS class of Mr. Ken at 76 Giai Phong. In fact, i took part in two level including level 1 and level 3 there. I think these courses were really useful for me. Mr. Ken not only helped me find the most effective methods but also check my work carefully. As such, I know what is my strengths as well as my real abilities. Moreover, i was required to speak English in class so my talking was improved dramatically.

However, studying is a process which requires you to work hard. with the instruction and direction of the teacher, it is extremely important to work hard because as you know: practice makes perfect. . I value the time i study at Mr. Ken’s class highly by working harder. Furthermore, you had better be self-confident, especially if you want to get good mark in speaking test.

Last week, I have got my IELTS result. Speaking 7, writing 6, listening 7, reading 7.5 and overall 7. It was better than I expected. I was given some feedbacks by the examiner in speaking test, so I was worried a lot. Surprisingly, I got 7 for speaking. I supposed that all secret to get good mark in IELTS test are self-confidence and the proper instruction from the teacher.

One more time, I want to say: thank you to Mr. Ken.

P/S: there are 3 other students in Mr. Ken’s class who took IELTS test with me. One got 7 and the others got 6.5. That’s great happiness for all of us.”

Nguyen Ha, nth292@yahoo.com

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