Cao thủ IELTS Ngô Chí Hoàng Yến – IELTS 8.0

Dear Mike,

Today is an amazing day because I have received my IELTS result with 8.0 overall band score. After almost two years devoting effort to this test, such result can be considered as one of my biggest achievements. Of course, I would not have obtained such band score if I had not been assisted by Mr. Mike Duvall. The course at KTDC and in particular, the methodology of you, has contributed to this success of mine.

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It would be hard to believe but actually, when I came to KTDC, my mind had been filled with disappointment and fear for the test. However, you helped me to clarify and simplify everything, which made me much more confident about my capacity. The lesson that I most appreciate would be when you taught me how to organize a coherent essay and how to get rid of complex ideas. Such tip was really useful when I had to write 2 tasks with very limited time allowed.

Furthermore, I also want to thank all KTDC’s staffs for creating a very friendly yet academic environment for their students. I have thus recommended some of my friends about KTDC center and I hope they may feel the same.

Once again, thank you Mike and I hope your future students will do even better than me :P.



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