Cao thủ IELTS Lương Văn Khánh – IELTS 8.0

Dear future students of Duncan,

It has been about half a month since my last lesson with you. Three months may seem like a long time, but I have just realized that it was such a short amount of time.

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In my very first IELTS lesson, I have to admit, I was quite anxious. Not knowing what I will learn or what my teacher will be like, my heart was beating like crazy. I think it’s the same for everyone inside that room. I can still remember clearly about the moment you walked inside the classroom, all I can think of was “Oh god, please let him be a gentle teacher, do not let him be too different from a Vietnamese teacher so that I don’t feel inferior when studying” (It’s really what I was thinking at that moment *Teehee*).

But only after a few minutes later, I can see that my teacher is actually kind of a nice guy, AND he also seems awkward in trying to figure out what the other side say, just like us students. Perhaps it was because our class was his first class in Vietnam (I figured that out a few lesson later). BUT make no mistake, even if we’re his first class, his teaching is excellent. The way he teaches was really easy to understand and remember, even for someone with a bad memory like me. I could see that Duncan takes his work seriously, as he really try to approach every single individual in the class and help them get better.

None of my questions were left unanswered, and my essays were graded really carefully. He’s also funny and amiable, and I think that everyone in the class love him very much. Because of personal reasons, I had to take the IETLS test after the first lesson about a month. But only in that short amount of time, Duncan helped me improve my English and understand how to approach the exam correctly. Had he not been by my side, I doubt that even with a greater amount of effort, I could never have achieve that score. No word can express my gratitude toward Duncan. I really owe him a lot.

Luong Van Khanh

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