Chúc mừng bạn Lâm Mỹ Phúc học trò của thầy Mike DuVall, người vừa hoàn thành xuất sắc kì thi IELTS với số điểm IELTS 7.5 – Dưới đây là lá thư Mỹ Phúc gửi đến thầy Mike thông báo tin vui và chia sẽ những cảm nhận rất chân thành của Phúc, cùng xem qua các bạn nhé!

Dear Mike and KTDC team,

I would like to say that I am very thankful for all your help. After two courses learning with Mike, I got an IELTS result of 7.5 overall band score, which beyond my expectation. If it had not been for his teaching, I could not have obtained such this band score.

At first, I decided to learn at KTDC Group just simply because of my friend’s recommendation and then, I was totally satisfied with all valuable learning experience there. One year ago, IELTS test seemed like a mess to me, especially Writing. I could not write a full essay within 40 minutes but now, I get it. Mike’s teaching method is extremely effective which made me more confident to take the IELTS test. My most valuable lesson that I learnt from my teacher is simplifying and being well-organized, particularly in Speaking and Writing. He read conscientiously and pointed out all tiny mistakes in my essays and helped me to realise my weakness.

Finally, I was strongly inspired by Mike’s advice in learning English which appears to be my motivation to study English more, not only the IELTS test. Once again, thank you Mike and all KTDC staffs. I hope your further students will perform better than me.

Thanks and best regards.


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