Thùy Giang – IELTS Level 2

“I had a chance to join Mr. Ken’s English class from February to April this year. After our IELTS course ended, we celebrated a small party together in a warm and very romantic Indian restaurant on Truc Bach Street. This is also the first time I’ve tried Indian food. Very nice and unique. Not as hot and spicy as I thought (maybe because they cook for Vietnamese people).

Well, I can say that this is the most interesting and effective English class I’ve ever joined. Although I just can recover a part of my English level I used to have (because I study Japanese at university), I totally feel satisfied with this course. It not only helped me find the “way back into love” for English but provided me with a rather good basic knowledge of IELTS as well. After this course, I can get around 6.5 to 7.0 (I haven’t used English for 4 years so this is really an unimaginable result to me, thanks to Mr. Ken and this English class). Mr. Ken is also the most special English teacher I’ve ever met.

Even after going to Japan to study master, I’ll still continue studying English. I swear!:)”

Giang, itsgravitation87@yahoo.com

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