“It is my pleasure to write the feelings that I have experienced for 3 months under the guidance of Mr.Mike in KTDC’s IELTS Level 2 class. To be honest, although I only heard about KTDC’s reputation via my friends, I still worried about the quality of the course because Mr.Mike was quite new to me.

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It is unbelievable that after some days being here, my worries were erased and I arrived at the belief that I had made a wise decision. Mike, in my opinion, has a young and energetic style combined with a great sense of humor. All of this helps his students’ comfortably acquire his instructions and raise new ideas during study time. Moreover, he helped us to think simpler but more effectively. I

n spite of only working with him for a short time, there is a huge improvement in my pronunciation and I confidently express my ideas with people and with writing also. Personally, self-study ability is the most valuable skill which I learned here. He enthusiastically shares precious learning experiences in his life and shapes his students to think more independently and creatively. It seems to me that Mike is one of the influential teachers I have met during my life.”

Bui Thi Diem (diemth@gmail.com)


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