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Hi my teacher – Mr.Paul,

It has been nearly one month since I finished my IELTS speaking and writing course with you, however, I hope it won’t be late for these words to express my gratefulness as well as satisfaction with your teaching.

In fact, I have not been attending any English classes at a language center for 7 years due to some of my past unsatisfied experience. Therefore, I have always strengthened my English at home on my own. However, attending this course especially under your coaching really makes me change my prejudice (which is believed to be hard to alter). During the course, I am really content with the way you structures our course schedule which enables us easily follow and effectively adsorb loads of information. I am also impressed by your devoted and wholehearted teaching attitudes which can be seen through your tips given at every lesson which was carefully typed and printed for us to easily store and study; your detailed feedback on all of our writing tasks as well as your willingness to further explain our mistakes even sometimes it’s quite late after the class.

Besides, your personal personality is also one of the factors that make me enjoy every single class with you. I really love your friendliness and your unique sense of humor. You are really connected to us in the very special way. Right now I really miss your break-time fun quizzes that illustrated some of your fun photos as well as revealed another interesting side of Mr.Paul, who is a true sport fun, a back-pack travelers and your interesting technical background. Actually, your quizzes were relaxing for me after a long working day to join the class. Moreover, I found it educational at the same time since I could broaden my knowledge thanks to your wide range of experience in various aspects.

In a nut shell, I feel really grateful with your teaching which for sure contributes a great deal to my IELTS result later on and my good impression on KTDC generally. I fell really lucky and happy to get an opportunity to be under your guidance and get to know you as well. Hope that more and more students will get the same chance like me.

Wishing all the best to you and our KTDC!

I will let you know my result when I finish the test.

NHAN, Truong

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