A big thanks to KTDC and specially to Daniel who had directly mentor me for the last 3 months. That was really a valuable time for me to sharpen my skills in writing and speaking.

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As the purpose of focusing on just writing and speaking, I was taught every detail about the test from time management to useful tips to achieve high band scores, and of course allowed practicing a lot. Daniel created an interactive atmosphere in which everyone could help each other in speaking. But what I like most in Daniel’s teaching method was his instructions to avoid common mistakes by clear explanations and comparisons, good examples, or even by childish drawings (all are cute anyway  ) which is very long-remembering and it helped me a lot in the test.

Once again, thank you KTDC for good service, thanks Daniel for your earnest and enthusiastic manner in helping students feel confident to the test. Words can not express my feelings, wish KTDC & Daniel more success in future.

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