Cảm nhận của Thủy Tiên (IELTS 8.0)

Dear Mr.Ken and KTDC Group,

 It was a right decision of mine to attend IELTs Level 3 by Mr.Ken before taking the real IELTs test. Upon studying with him I was spurred on to improve by various means. For example, by switching partners for us every class day he had helped students to get to know each other better and electrify them on discussing diverse topics. What is more, considerable homework including reading practices and essays had assisted me so much in progressing my writing skill.

I thank Mr.Ken for having spent much time correcting my essays and reports; a task that I will accord great repetitiveness, and I also accord my high writing score to your worthy assistance 🙂 Last but not least, Mr.Ken’s useful extra information and ardent working spirit had maximized my working efficiency.

I had worked fervently on the test at home and eventually months of hard work culminated in success. I thank Mr.Ken and KTDC Group again for they account for a considerable part of what I have fortunately achieved. I wish them the best in their future endeavours 🙂 “

Tiên đạt 8.0 trong kỳ thi 13/08/2011 tại Hội đồng anh TP.HCM.

Listening 8.5, Reading 8.0, writing 8.0, speaking 6.5

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