I have just finished the IELTS Foundation class with Mr. Mike, I worried a little to know I would be in his class because he was very new but I got information from the internet which qualified for Mr. Ken only. However, during the course, I figured out a thing which he taught me not only pronunciation and English basic lessons, but also cultures and especially rules for a human being to learn a thing.

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I was working under high pressure in a stressful environment and people might guess that I would have missed many days of his class if I was not strong because of tire. The truth is, his class relaxed me, free me from other stuffs by an enthusiastic and funny teacher. He put everything in detail, not so much homework, but very effective. After the course, now I’m more self-confident to speak and listen to foreigners in English – the big-amazing thing I had never realized before when I was in his class.

Everything went naturally for me, I’ve got 6.0 for reading, 6.5 for listening, and 5.5 for speaking (first-level students won’t take the writing test), a low score but too high for a lazy student for me. Must say “thanks” to you, Mike.

Currently I’m a level-2 student and he’s my teacher again. I must say “thanks” to him, yes, he teaches that way.

Trung Tín (tinthongminh@gmail.com)


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