There are two things I absolutely love about KTDC: the people and the standard of teaching.

The truth is I had never had a favorite teacher until I joined KTDC. I had always found my teachers a little bit distant and not very friendly. But it was not the case with Mike. He must be the most wonderful teacher I have ever met. From the first class to the last one, Mike never failed to make us laugh with his clever jokes and his funny body language. Learning became a lot more interesting and I really felt the joy in it. But please do not take him as someone you can mess with.

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If there is one thing I picked up after my Level 3 course with him, it must be:”You have to be respectful in order to be respected”. That is true. He might be fun and all but at the same time, he really is a strict and disciplinary teacher. But don’t be afraid. If you can show him and the course your respect by showing up on time, doing all the homework and not using cell phone in class, you won’t have to worry about being the person having one of the “after class private conversations” with him. I really want to tell Mike that I love him because he was able to make the classes effective while not taking all the fun out of it. I do not think many people can manage that.

However, Mike is not the only person from KTDC whom I fell in love with. I love Mr. Ken with his “cool guy” vibe and his passion for Vietnam. I love Andrew because he is so handsome and he can speak really good Vietnamese. I didn’t have many chances to talk to Hayes, but he always smiled and said Hi every time we met. I also think the girls, who are the face of KTDC, really do the center justice by their friendliness, enthusiasm and excellent service spirit.

Regarding KTDC’s quality in teaching, I only have one thing to say: “worth-every-penny”. Indeed, you will not regret putting your trust in this language center. To be honest, I had tried some other schools before, but I had never felt like I learned a lot. However, I did improve tremendously after 3 months at KTDC. Not only did I acquire the necessary skills for IELTS but I also got a lot of interesting knowledge about Western cultures and people. These fascinating things were taught to us by such effective and interesting methods that once we got it, we surely will never forget it. I also think this is the reason why KTDC is getting more and more acclaimed by its students. If you are looking for a place to learn IELTS, I really think you should register for a course here.

Finally, I really want to say thanks to Mike and KTDC for helping me achieve my target in IELTS. Truth be told, I am so satisfied that I really hope there will be another course that suits my needs so that I can be a member of KTDC again.

Again, thanks for everything, KTDC!


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