Cảm nhận của bạn Đăng Khoa (IELTS 7.0)

In middle of the night, I suddenly missed Ken’s IELTS class, unfortunately don’t know why?!^^ and I’m going to jot down some vague words to share with the IELTS newbie:

“Who wouldn’t want to get a good band score in the IELTS test? I believe that all of you who did, do and will take the IELTS may have that ambition…So do I. Before taking Ken’s course, I went from zero to being mediocre in English, then, I found out writing to me was a nightmare, I was stuck in a quicksand of myself just because I have no appropriate orientation during the time studying at the other language schools. For personal purposes, I had to fight for a good IELTS band score. I’d better K.O my own nightmare-writing to become ready for the test.

Accidentally, I found KTDC Group via a suggestion of my friend on fb and was convinced immediately by all of the student’s feedbacks. I decided to bet on KTDC this time and blissfully I never regret for my choice by many reasons^^. For the 1st time, I was strongly impressed by the beautiful smile just like the sunshine of Ms. Chi (Am I digressing). Mr. Ken was cool in his professional gesture but he didn’t smile like Chi, which worried me a lot at the mini test with him.

Class time with Ken was the amazing period, I found the time in class was a joy except the home assignments about writing:-p and a good chance to earn important knowledge to develop my writing skills. I’ve learned a lot from Mr. Ken, especially his tricks for the tricky test that help me feel very confident and easy to complete my writing part in IELTS exam. Subsequently, I get a not bad score for the real, 7.0 for the writing, enough for me to proud of myself for holding steady the basic and doing 3/5 of all home assignments, this is not good, ha ha. In addition, my reading, listening kills was increased too because Ken let us practice a lot and I also liked the way Ken organize us to speak one to one and criticize each others in order to help everyone think and deal with any problems better during speaking.

For the last time, I came to tell him my band score and he gave me a cordial smile which felt like a special gift impressed me a bit but warmed me a lot, however, his smile never can compare to Chi’s about the smile beauty level:-p. Once again, thanks a lot Ms. Chi beautiful and Mr. Ken quite nice, all the best wishes for you. And Good luck , everyone, I know you can make it. Let’s begin your best preparation for the IELTS from now at KTDC Group!”


Hung Dang Khoa Nguyen

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