Nguyễn Đình Minh Thắng – Cao thủ IELTS 8.0

KTDC rất vui mừng khi được biết bạn Minh Thắng, học trò lớp IELTS Level 3 của thầy Ken vừa xuất sắc đạt IELTS 8.0 trong ngày thi vừa qua. Điểm thành phần của bạn lần lượt là Listening 9.0, Reading 8.0, Writing 7.5, Speaking 7.5. Cả nhà mình cùng chúc mừng bạn nhé.

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Thắng chia sẻ những ngày đầu đến KTDC thi xếp lớp, bạn đặt mục tiêu IELTS 7.0, nhưng sau khi trò chuyện với thầy, thầy Ken đã động viên 7.5-8.5 nên là mục tiêu của bạn. Và cuối cùng, Thắng đã đạt được thành quả mà mình đã đặt ra. Cả nhà cùng đọc những dòng chia sẻ của Thắng nhé.

How KTDC got me prepared

I got 8.0 in the IELTS test which took place on the 6th of December. That result came as a combination of determination, a little luck and last but not least, my instructor’s dedication. Thank you Ken for making this possible.

The day I took the placement test at KTDC, I was simply aiming for a 7.0, stating that it was an achievable goal. However, Ken told me that between 7.5 and 8.5 is where I must land. I was being properly evaluated right from the start.

The first day of my course, what I had previously expected about my instructor quickly disappeared as I was taken away by Ken’s calmness. He was dealing with level 3 students then, with level 3 questions and level 3 problems, yet he cruised to the solutions for each student’s question easily. What he did was no rigidity, strictly scientific and illustrated how experienced he is in teaching. As a student in the University of Pedagogy, I was inspired by his methods.

The last day of the course witnessed my fellow classmates’ anxiety as the mock test was closing in. Then the test took placed on a quiet Sunday morning, followed by the speaking test the next Monday. The test wasn’t at all easy and nice, and it succeeded in reminding me the real IELTS test was not a walk in the park. I was thoroughly prepared.

On my way to the sweet 8.0, perhaps those three days above was the most memorable. Another thing that I could never forget was Ken’s uncanny sense of humor, disguised by his reputation for being quite demanding and strict. Oh, and his iconic braces as well, how could I leave that out.
A big thank you to you Ken. Thanks for everything.


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