Dear Aaron,

I’m Ngọc Anh – your student of Ielts 2 class – MWF 2-4:00 P.M, starting from May 11th. I have received my test report and would like to write this email to show my gratitude for your guidance and support so finally I can achieve my band score target 🙂

I’m satisfied with my total score (7.0) but not happy with the score on each skill (Listening: 7.5, Reading: 8.5, Writing & Speaking: 6.0). Actually, I’m kind of shock when receiving the test result via phone message first. I could not imagine that I would get more than 7.5 on the first two skills which I often scored only 7.0 (and max was 7.5) when practising at home. I’m also disappointed when cannot achieve at least 6.5 on the Writing and Speaking skills which are those I spent lots of time on. However, this result pushes me to practice more on what I’m not good at. Again, thanks so much for your IELTS training, and at least 3 friends of mine asked me about where I studied IELTS to get my goal and hope that some of my friends will be your students in the near future ^^

Last but not least, wish you and your family plenty of health and happiness.

Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                            Ngọc Anh.



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