As William A. Ward once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” and Mr. Andy gives me that inspiration from his lessons. Although I only have spent nine weeks to study in his IELTS Level 1 class, I was convinced by him that studying is a joyful journey. Every class fulfilled of valuable knowledge, fascinating stories and motivational spirit. He sets high expectations for all students and that kept us continuing improve ourselves. Whenever we have Speaking class, he always gives us interesting model answers with absorbing facts or stories.

I am sure that all Andy’s students always remember those unique answers including Pikachu and Nintendo, the two things that he admitted which had kept the child in. That makes us think of a “specific” answer to not only respond the grammar and vocabulary tasks but also well satisfy the content requirement. Furthermore, there are numerous useful strategies that I made them a quote for myself “Keep calm and follow Andy’s super steps”. It is guaranteed that you will find a rich and stimulating studying environment in this small class. If you are looking for studying IELTS motivation, do not hesitate to attend to his class.

Khanh Linh- IELTS Level 1


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We don’t aim to be the biggest

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