Job Vacancy in May 2012



KTDC Group is seeking a talented person to fully support the Customer Service department. If you think that you can make a difference for our company and you are a motivated, hard working, enthusiastic, multi-tasking person with extraordinary people skills, we would like to hear from you.

Job Title:

Customer Service officer for Business Skills office (2 positions)

Customer Service officer for IELTS office (1 position)


• Consulting, handling customer inquiries in a professional manner, helping students to find the right courses which most suit their English ability and requirements.

• Arranging placement tests and giving test results to students

• In charge of the reception area. Answering the phone, greeting customers, collecting course fees and filling accounting forms at the end of the day.

• Supporting marketing activities (Forums, social networks such as face book, Yahoo plus, ..)


• Able to communicate fluently in English

• Customer service orientation, good communication skills, maintaining direct interaction with customers

• Working independently, well organized, Ability to manage a variety of tasks, honest, motivated and enthusiastic

• Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Social network (Facebook, yahoo, Forums)

• Thorough Knowledge of Online marketing and understanding student requirements would be an advantage


• Part Time position (9am-3pm) and (3pm-8pm)

• Location: District 1, HCMC

• Salary: Competitive

• Working in a professional foreign environment

• Opportunities to study English for free after passing the probationary period

Please send your full resume, recent photo (taken within the last 6 months), contact details, and application letter no later than 21st May to , title: your name – Customer service position for IELTS office OR Business Skills office (plese be specific which office that you would like to apply).

We apologize that only selected candidates will be contacted.


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