Dear Andy,

It was a wonderful time in my studying English’s period that I was taught by you. I don’t know how to say thanks to you for evrery thing you did for us. You are not only a zealous and thoughtful teacher – you tutored us a lot of useful tips, strategies for the IELTS tests, but you also a person who has a various and abundant knowledge – my personal experience was enriched so much after listening to all of your interesting information. To be honest, before studying

English at KTDC Group, I had a terrible panic about the IELTS tests, especially listening and speaking skills but after being studied with you, I felt quite positive

and confident in my capacity than before. I hope someday I will proudly inform you that I reach my IELTS goal.

Hope you will be more and more successful in your career and be loved by all of your students as well in the future.

Yours truly,

Dung (hldung172@gmail.com)


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