Getting IELTS band score 8.0 was a milestone in my life. However, I wouldn’t have done that without the great support from KTDC group, especially from my teacher- Mr. Ken.

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During my time in IELTS level 3, I was able to dramatically improve my English. In as much as Ken arranged seats randomly and differently every day, I had chances to communicate with several partners and got many different feedbacks. Thus, I could quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses in speaking. I was also grateful for a huge time he spent to correct my essays. The correction was not only the spelling and grammar but also the style. Therefore, my writing got much better each time.

Above all, I want to thank Ken for teaching me to believe in myself. I had never thought that I could be able to perform my English well but he changed my mind. He was the one who believed I could get an 8.0 in the exam. Indeed, I did.

Once again, thank you- Ken- for all your time you spent to work with me.

Good luck to all of you who are going to take the IELTS exam!

Lê Hoài Trâm – IELTS 8.0 (ngày 8/10/2011 tại IDP-HCM)

Email : leehoaitram@gmail.com


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