After 3 months studying at KTDC, I was surprised because I achieved much higher score than I expected. I enjoy communicating with different people every time.

I go to class, as well as knowing numerous of global news from my teacher, Mark. Talk about Mark, he is extremely enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and helping his students in studying. We can do homework any time (because not everyone could hand homework in on time, they were busy with work or school), Mark is still willing to mark and tell us our mistakes so that we can improve our language skills.

I was impressed by how Mark and other teachers could measure exactly the band score I could get and they gave me the best advice ever for the IELTS exam. Eventually, I am so satisfied with my results. Therefore, I think KTDC is the best choice for everyone out there who are looking for high IELTS scores. I’m sending my appreciation and a big thank you to Mark and all of KTDC staff.

Hien Tam.



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