Cảm nhận của Đào Ngọc Thảo (IELTS 7.5) về KTDC

When I decided to take the IELTS exam, I chose the Ielts for breakfast course of KTDC Group, and I think it was a right decision because I got a satisfied result and still feel very happy with it now. It cannot be denied that the band score you get in the exam depends mainly on your own effort, however, I think during the course, my handsome teacher Ken 🙂  had helped me a lot in improving my English skills.

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Firstly, I was really impressed by the “Four rules” of Mr. Ken, they were strict, but they reminded me of the reason I came to this class, the target band score I wanted to get and therefore helped me concentrate better. I also love the way he arranged our seats so that we can speak to a new partner every day. We helped each other to realize and rectify mistakes while speaking that we can hardly recognize ourselves. Additionally, I had many opportunities to practice and improve listening and reading skills via tons of tasks and home assignments 🙂

Above all, I want to say that what impressed me the most and what I am more thankful for was how he helped me to improve my writing skill. I knew neither how to deal with different kinds of diagrams in task 1 nor how to arrange my ideas in an essay before I attended in this class. And I really appreciate the way he checked our reports or essays, although this might gave him terrible headaches I guess 🙂

So now, I want to thank him for what he gave me during the preparation for the exam as well as many other things such as social knowledge or serious attitude toward work that I have learnt from him. And thank Ms. Chi and Oanh for making KTDC Group’s office a more attractive place 🙂 . All the best for you all, and good luck to those who intend to take the exam.

Đào Ngọc Thảo (brown_jaychou@yahoo.com)

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