As Content Marketing Executive, you will be responsible for developing and enhancing the marketing content to support the business. Be the voice of KTDC IELTS.


  • Content Strategy: Build the overall content strategy for the business across platforms to align with the overall brand, projects and positioning.
  • Detail Content Plan: Develop and manage the online and offline detail content plan.
  • Content Creation: Pitching and creating compelling, smart, carefully crafted content that capture attention in a sea of competing headlines.
  • Content Development: Lead the development of new content by engaging stakeholders, aligning with marketing campaigns and working closely with other teams.
  • Content Availability: Work with other marketing teams to ensure the content is made available to customers (internally and externally) in line with the overall content plan.
  • Management and Reporting: Evaluate the content to ensure the continual development of new and effective content; provide reports for key stakeholders.
  • Collaborate: Work with marketing team members and other teams to create and pitch content; assisting in building outreach email lists of press contacts.
  • Risk Management: Manage operational and regulatory risks in content delivery.


  • Have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, communications, informatics, marketing, or related field.
  • Have a minimum of one year’s experience in a similar role.
  • Have a good command of written and spoken Vietnamese/English.
  • Have decent design skills and be able to use relevant programmes (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro)
  • Have the ability to understand IELTS concepts and translate them into simple ideas to engage a broad set of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Creative and experienced in defining new customer-focused contents.
  • Be able to present clearly in order to engage and influence a range of senior stakeholders, customers and partners.
  • Have strategic thinking and decision making to connect long-term strategy with shorter-term execution plans.
  • Have good communication skill to influence and work effectively with a range of customer and external parties.
  • Have good teamwork skill to manage yourself, but also work within a team.
  • Effectively prioritizing responsibilities based on impact, timelines, workflow and goals.


  • Agency experience is a plus.
  • You know how to write compelling content that connects with targeted audiences. Your writing is clear, interesting and makes people want to take an action.
  • You can adjust content strategy, voice and tone based on target audience.
  • You’re ready to move quickly, test content, and iterate to find the perfect solution.
  • Have experiences in using customer and market intelligence to help develop and adapt the content.
  • Have experience in running integrated marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and understand the concept of marketing communication strategies.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the business key performance indicators.


  • Working in a professional foreign environment
  • Opportunities to study English for free after passing the probationary period.
  • Gain relevant work experience, while working alongside managers and other team members on challenging projects.
  • Worldwide health insurance after probation.
  • 13th-month salary
  • Company trip every year after 1 year of working.

Please send your full resume, contact details and application letter to no later than 20/08/2019.

Title: Your name – Position

We apologize that only selected candidates will be contacted.

Thank you for your application!



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