Dear Mr. Mike,

This is for you, for you to know that you are highly respected, appreciated, and loved.

It has been many months since I decided to join your class and I can tell, it was definitely a wise decision. I still remember when I first met you in the replacement test. You appeared severely but so friendly in talking. You replied to my friend’s question that “care” is the thing makes KTDC stand out from other language centers. Honestly, I didn’t quite believe that untill you impressed me by remembering my name and some other details when we met by a chance in the lobby a few weeks later.

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Eversince then, in how gently you corrected us students’ speaking mistakes, in how you graded our writing papers, in how conscientiuosly you satisfied our questions, the care you gave to us totally won me over. I appreciate that a lot. In fact, I enjoyed your classes very much and was excited to go to your class every night. Being able to seriously learn, improve and relax at the same time, what can be cooler?

I have heard many comparisions bettwen you and Mr. Ken. Quite frankly, I find those pretty ridiculous. You and Mr. Ken are both excellent in what you do. I have learned way more from you than what I expected. I acquired my knowledge about IELTS and my needed skills for it. More than that, I am grateful to have learned about cultures, people, and all of the other things you shared with us. You motivated me and turned me from a practical English learner into an English lover. That means a lot to me! I can proudly boast to people that you are my favorite and best English teacher ever. Actually, I think you can proudly call yourself “famous Mr. Mike” as well.

I hope you will gain even more success in the future (I am sure you will). You have been a teacher, a brother and a friend of mine. I will be missing you and your classes. I hope we can keep in touch even when the course ends.

Thank you for everything.

Yours sincerely,


Email: tchieuthanh@yahoo.com


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